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Loose tea enthusiasts Rob and Michelle Comins are the founders of Comins Tea House. They have travelled to private tea gardens in India, China, Sri Lanka and Japan to bring together a curated collection of teas, which they showcase and serve in their chic Dorset tearoom.

To enjoy their teas you will only need a small amount {between 2.5g and 5g per 200ml tea cup}, add water that has been boiled and allowed to cool just slightly, brew for up to 3 minutes and then serve. The same tea leaves can be reused or "rewashed" again for a second serving.

Store away in a cool, dry place away from strong smells, and your tea will last for months if not years.

We have five of their teas available:

Golden Tip Assam Tea 100g

This Assam tea from Khongea, in India, has a rich, malty, strong taste

Ceylon Tea 100g

Ceylon black tea from Imboolpitiya, in Sri Lanka, is flavoursome, bright and invigorating.

First Flush Darjeeling 100g

This First Flush Darjeeling Tea from Makaibari, in India, is bright, sweet and exceptional.

Sencha Superior 50g

Sencha Superior Tea from Uji, Japan, is a mellow, gentle and refreshing green tea.

Da Hong Pao 50g

Da Hong Pao tea is a full bodied, complex and pleasantly smoky Oolong tea from the Wuyi mountains of China. Fine floral aroma.

Silver Needle 100g

Silver Needle tea is a sweet, elegant and relaxing white tea from Fuding in China.

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