Mr. Fitzpatrick’s Temperance Cordials Set


The temperance movement began in Preston, Lancashire in 1835 during the period of the Industrial Revolution and was a response to the widespread alcoholism that existed at that time. Non-alcoholic bars began to appear in every town and village to promote abstinence from ‘the demon drink'. By the 1890’s temperance bars graced every high street in Lancashire, the most prominent being Mr Fitzpatrick's – a successful family of Dublin herbalists who established themselves in the North of England and at their peak ran over 40 shops in the region. Mr Fitzpatrick’s still own and operate the little Victorian bar situated in the Lancashire town of Rawtenstall.

These botanical cordials are excellent with fizzy water, ice and lemon or lime, cucumber and even apple juice. Also delicious with white wine, Prosecco and Champagne.

Available in this set are:

1 x 500ml bottle Elderflower and Apple Cordial

1 x 500ml bottle  Rhubarb and Rosehip Cordial 

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